President: Politicians have no right to criticize judiciary

Politicians have no right to openly criticize the Maldivian justice system, says President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Yameen made the comments during his speech at the event held by him and First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim for senior citizens of the country in Rasfannu Artificial Beach last Monday night.

The President said the biggest priority should be to maintain the peace in any place. He said no one should incite another to commit a crime, and that it was not a characteristic of a democracy.

“You cannot call out for institutions to be disintegrated. This is not a characteristic of a democracy. Political leaders cannot openly criticize the courts or the justice system. This is not a characteristic of a democracy,” said Yameen.

He also said that no one can be allowed to call out for people to gather in public places and attack police and military officers. “These are anarchist rationale, this rationale with destroy any place.”

“The way of a democracy is to do things according to set rules and regulations. This is what democracy is,” said Yameen.

The President said his administration will not allow for the name of the country to be besmirched in the international community.

He said that while democracy was the most important basis for any country, nothing should come before peace and patriotism.

“Democracy cannot be instilled in anything done without peace in the country. This has been proven across the world as a failed or failing system,” said Yameen.

Yameen announced during the event that a research has been made to find out the cause of rising crime rate in Maldives from 2008 to 2017.

He said the report has now been sent to senior government officials, who are working on formulating policies based on the report.

He said that while it was something which could be done by the State, more needed to be done to address the issue at a national level.